June 11th, at 1:00pm ET

What is Automated Machine Learning?

Humanizing analytics and putting the power of AI into the hands of marketers.

Today’s digitally connected consumers rapidly change their online behaviors and interactions. Brands must adapt dynamically to these behaviors to deliver real-time, personalized communication at scale. Attendees will learn how to extract more value from customer data and marketing campaigns through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Join Bill Porto, Sr. Engineering Analyst and Steve Zisk, Sr. Product Marketing Manager both at Redpoint Global as they share what automated machine learning is and how to:

  • Simplify analytics for marketers
  • Optimize model results
  • Personalize customer journeys
  • Deliver business value

Bill Porto

Bill Porto is an expert on computational intelligence and the application of it to real-world problems across a variety of domains. As a senior engineer analyst at RedPoint Global, Bill leverages this expertise to apply machine learning techniques to complex business problems for the company’s clients.

Steve Zisk

Steve Zisk is a seasoned technology professional with more than 35 years of expertise in software engineering and product marketing. As senior product marketing manager at RedPoint Global, Steve is tasked with developing messaging and marketplace positioning for RedPoint’s customer engagement platforms.